June 4, 2023

Study abroad fair guides students on the path to international travel

by Jessica Sutton and Jamie Ratchford

This coming year the Center for Global Education and International Services is offering many travel options for students to explore through the study abroad program.

In an effort to promote the programs and ease the trepidation students may have regarding the costs of the trips, a fair was held on Tuesday, September 24 in Laub Lounge on Bethlehem’s main campus.

Maria Dietrich, assistant director of study abroad and international programs hosted the event and guided students to Patrick Hockenberry, the manager of scholarship programs and Rosa Ferguson, financial aid officer. Together they helped students navigate the process of enrollment and funding.

Dietrich spoke about the steps to become a part of the program and ways students can prepare for taking courses in a different setting, Hockenberry and Ferguson detailed the financial aspects of the process, outlining how much financial aid and scholarship funding can cover to allow a trip to become a feasible option for students.

The fair introduced students new to the study abroad program with students and faculty that have participated. They were there to talk about their experiences and answer any questions. Dietrich explained that these programs are open to students in any major and are for anyone who’s interested in studying internationally. Each course is for credit which varies based on the program. The majority of the coursework is online with travel integrated into the itinerary. Students can expect a full course load leading to the immersive trip that will add to the learning experience.

NCC’s study abroad program offers trips around the world in every season. The first course available in 2020 will take students to Egypt during the winter break, from January 2 through the 9th. This course is called Cairo Sketchbook and it is led by Professor Rachel Gorchov, Assistant Professor of Fine Art.

There are four courses available over spring break, March 7 -14. Professor of counseling James Colon will lead a trip to Madrid, Spain with a focus on developing leadership skills. English Professor and developer of the East 40 Community Garden, Kelly Allen will lead a course on Sustainable Food Systems in Medellin, Colombia. A trip to Greece will be led by History Professor Todd Zimmerman where students will learn the contemporary issues of a country rich with historical significance. The Nursing Program has a trip directed specifically to nursing students that will travel to Belize for an Allied Health program led by Associate Professor of Nursing, Marie Everhart.

There will be two opportunities to study abroad over the summer break with a Summer I and Summer II semester. The Summer I programs are scheduled for June 7-24 and include a course in Architecture throughout Europe and a new program led and developed by History Professor Sholomo Levy will take students to Ghana in a program called Africa: Past, Present, and Future of Humanity.

Summer II programs will be held August 5-20 and include an Intensive Spanish Language course in Spain as well as a new program that will take students to Ireland to learn theater, literature, and gender studies.

These programs will give students a chance to not only learn more in their majors, but also an opportunity to explore different countries, cultures, and people.

For more information visit the Center for Global Education and International Studies located in College Center 287 or get in touch with the Director of Global Studies Dr. Nathan Carpenter by email at ncarpenter@nullnorthampton.edu or Maria Dietrichmdietrich@nullnorthampton.edu.

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