December 6, 2022

The Dormitory: A scoop into the lives of some of NCC’s freshmen residents and how they’ve taken to the new environment.

On August 26, Northampton Community College had its grand opening for the Fall semester of 2019, where approximately 400 freshmen were admitted into NCC’s residence hall for the coming school year.

The last year of a high schooler’s secondary career, is when they start to plan for their future. If college is in that vision, they focus on whether that college or university can meet their financial needs. One of the most important aspects of a student’s college life is where they will be living that year away from home.

They’ll be concerned and have important questions about the cost of living in the dorms and what the requirements would be for that to happen.

With NCC being the only community college in Pennsylvania that is affordable and offers housing, it would be understandable for its residence halls to be swarming with dozens of new students from all over the country and different parts of the world—hungry for a dose of on-campus living and education.

Besides its affordability, some residents have voiced how diverse and friendly the environment is and that that’s one of the things they like most about the living in the dorms.

Others being the events that take place that help new students to find friends and have a good time. They get to attend things like movie nights and game nights or hang out in the multiple lounges they can find in different spots in the dorms.

First-year, Media Production Major, Asia Myrie, when asked about her take on residents’ life, said, “I like the dorms, they’re very clean… the people around here are very pleasant and it’s a different environment, and it does make me feel at home with new people.

Her like for the people would be one of the things most students had in common. According to them, the people are very approachable and end up becoming close friends or acquaintances.

As stated before, some students had the same responses when questioned about the dorms. They “really like it” or “the people are very friendly”, but of course there isn’t always perfection when it comes to on-campus housing, there could always be some suggested updates.

There was one resident who wasn’t afraid to touch on some topics the others hadn’t.

Heather James is a first-year, Liberal Arts Sociology Major, who, when asked about her living status, said, “It’s very different… it’s a little loud at times… I think the dorms here are nice, considering it’s the only community college that houses in PA.

On the other hand, she stated her dislike of being “stuck in an old dorm”. She said, “I don’t like the bathrooms, there are no shower curtains, and I feel super uncomfortable about that like I’ll literally go to another hall to take a shower sometimes.

Another problem residence seemed to have with living in the dorms was their aversion to the food.

Everyone has to eat, that’s a given. It’s a part of being healthful and having enough energy to make it through each day of hourslong lectures, projects and pop-quizzes. But the food in the residence hall wasn’t one of the interviewed students’ favorite.

I don’t like it, Myrie simply stated, “It could be a lot better.”

James, on the other hand, went more into depth. “Oh, the food here is terrible,” she said jokingly. She soon after added, “It’s not that bad. They tend to have a lot of stuff that is cheesy and full of milk, and I’m lactose intolerant… Their food is OK, it definitely sucks that all most of the time they have is just pizza and French fries, if you don’t like what they’re having for dinner, you have to get that.

However, one resident, Lexi Seales, a first-year, General Studies Major, when asked, made it known she didn’t have a problem with the food. In fact, she said, “The foods really good.”

Goes to show the flipsides of living in the dorms. Everyone has their own views, and everyone sees things differently. What one resident thinks, might contradict what the others do, but the connection between everyone under the broad and extended roof of NCC’s Residence Hall only brings each of them together.

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