July 12, 2020

The Laconic releases another successful issue

On Nov. 2nd, the Fall 2017 issue of “The Laconic,” Northampton Community College’s literary
and arts magazine, was released at a launch party attended by staff, issue submitters, and literary
arts supporters. After a quick introduction of staff members, the party became an open mic forum
where submitters could read their entries aloud or explain the inspiration behind their artwork.
Erin Tamm, editor in chief of The Laconic, explained how the publication comes together. “We
get the submissions. People send us all their works, art, and photography. Then we all decide
which ones should be in the magazine and which ones shouldn’t be put in the magazine. Then
Pogach puts it altogether. We get it sent to duplication and they make it for us.”
Michael Pogach is the faculty advisor of The Laconic and Assistant Professor of English. The
first year he started working, he created a vision using his own students which has grown bigger
and better with each publication.
“I think publication went smoothly,” Tamm added, “This semester wasn’t as much of a struggle
as usual. We really didn’t have much trouble deciding who should be on the cover, what artwork
should win, what lit. work should win, so it went a lot smoother than I thought it would.”
When asked what she thought of this publication, she said, “I think, not to be biased since it is
my first time being editor-in- chief, this magazine has to be my favorite one. I think it has a lot of
cool stories in it and cool poetry. I even submitted a piece of poetry, which I’ve never done. I’ve
only ever submitted photos so I’m really proud of it and excited for people to see it.”
Kristen Cervenak, secretary of The Laconic, said, “in the past, I have submitted and attended the
release parties, but this is the first time I’ve been on the Laconic staff. There were submissions
that made me laugh, ones that inspired me, and ones that I cried while reading.”
Cervenak added, “it’s awesome because there’s also a section in memory of Nathan Smith in the
front. He always wanted to submit and planned to this semester, so I wanted to submit some of
his writing. All his submissions were voted in before anybody knew they were his which I think
he would have loved. All around, this semester’s magazine is filled to the brim with a lot of
talented work. I was fortunate enough to hear many pieces read at the release party.”
The Laconic accepts submissions from any current or former students as well as faculty
members. Those interested in submitting their original poetry, prose, or photos of artwork, please
contact “Laconic” email LaconicNCC@nullgmail.com. Follow the Laconic on Twitter @NCC
Laconic. Free copies are available at kiosks around campus.

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