September 24, 2022

The Originals

For a bit of tradition and spirituality, the Piscataway Tribe represented just that on April 4 in the Student Life Zone.

Showcasing their traditional song and dance, and telling their story, the audience was in absolute awe.

Mark Tayac, the leader of the group and soon to be the 29th chief in his tribe, explained that they have represented their culture and story all over the globe. Mark brought along his son Naiche, and two other members of his tribe, Johnson and Erica.

Mark did most of the singing, and besides helping with some of the drumming, the other three members commanded the stage with their traditional dance. Pulling up students from the audience as well, the Piscataway Tribe showed the audience dances that were typical for their gatherings, as well as spiritual dances that touched the souls of everyone watching.

Mark also used the time between dances to teach the audience the lesson of how there is nothing wrong with diversity in society and that with diversity, “we can all better ourselves.”

Mark also talked about how his people were the first on this continent and said that “This is own home, this was our home, this will always be our home.”

When asked what people should take away from attending his performance and listening to his and his people’s stories, Mark stated he wants people to experience the beauty and nature of Native American culture for what it truly is and not the way society has painted them to be and wants them to be like.

He helps put on these shows because he one day hopes to “change the picture” that people portray Native American as, and show his people in a more positive and accurate light as they should be, all the while “building and mending bridges” with others.

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