March 29, 2023

The Phi Theta Kappa “Secret” Event

An Honors In Action Event is taking place December 1st and 2nd that will allow some students the opportunity to express themselves in a unique way.

“We conducted research on social media’s effects on expression and communication,” Samantha Leiby, a second year, General Studies Major, said. “We chose human expression.”

She added, “We all also felt connections towards human expression and felt that we would be able to make the biggest impact through that.”

Lieby is the Social Media Officer for Phi Theta Kappa: Tau Gamma Chapter NCC’s Main Campus. Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honors Society for all two year colleges and is considered the club of scholars.

“The theme is something that international gives us to focus on and we are able to pick a subtopic from that, said  “The 2015 theme is “Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration.”

So what is the event?

December 1st is their promotional day where they will have popcorn and laptops for students to write on the clubs Twitter page 11am to 1pm in the College Center lobby. They’ll be a special hashtag for the event, which is part of the secret project.

“With our promotional day,” Lieby said, “anyone will be able to participate by posting things they respect about themselves or someone else on social media using our hashtag.

On Wednesday they will be filming on campus at an undisclosed location with a particular, but secret, purpose. Students will be asked to participate individually and be told where to go to appear in the video. Participants will have to sign a release form in order to appear in the video.

Students will be asked a specific question, and then their reaction will be filmed. The question will not be released until the filming takes place to protect the authenticity of the project. The event is centered around the club’s research on social media trends.

“For this project to happen there is a lot of planning behind it,” Lieby said. “We first started off doing research on social media and found more negative things about it then positive. We then came up with this project using our research to hopefully change the negativity of social media.”

She added that after the filming and subsequent video are released the club members will then have to write “Hallmark papers” on the project and the results of it, a requirement of the Phi Theta Kappa membership.

“We are hoping that participants will realize their worth and realize that there are reasons why they should respect themselves,” Lieby said. “We want them to feel good about themselves when they walk away.

Once the video is released, students will have access to it. Lieby adds the club plan on posting it on all social media platforms along with the hashtag.

“We want people to retweet it or share it and then comment [on the topic],” Lieby added.

The club hopes the video will gain traction on the internet.

We would love for everyone to partake in our event and posting on social media,” Lieby said.

Lieby said the goal of Honors In Action is to impact the campus and the surrounding community. This is an annual event with a different theme every year.

Their press release reads “This is a project that is mandated by Phi Theta Kappa International for chapters around the world to complete each year in order to promote leadership, fellowship, scholarship, and service on campus and in the surrounding community.”



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