June 3, 2023

The Sky Is Not Falling…yet

If news of North Korea versus the United States is not on the front of everyone’s mind, it
should be. President Trump has been on a warpath, and Kim Jong-un, the current dictator of
North Korea is seemingly willing to indulge this impulse and would like to see if the president
has some bite to his bark.
According to the president at his recent address to the U.N. general assembly, the U.S. is
prepared to “totally destroy” the small country if push came to shove. Both the president and his
U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley have said that “the time for talk is over,” despite other countries
pressing for a more diplomatic solution.
Despite the large U.S. presence surrounding his country in both South Korea and Japan,
Kim is sticking to his guns. He proclaimed that he will never hand over his nuclear weapons, and
went as far as to call President Trump “mentally deranged” in response to the president’s
comments on North Korea’s annihilation and calling Kim “rocket man.”
The dictator believes that the president’s words were also “the most ferocious declaration
of a war in history.” Kim has threatened to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean to show
the U.S. that they’re serious.
Vice Marshal Ri Yong-ho said how Trump’s comments at U.N. are essentially no threat
to North Korea and that the leader of the free world is just a “barking dog” with the leader of the
dictatorship commenting even further with “a frighten dog barks louder.” Is it possible that all
this talk will lead to something that has only been mentioned in fiction?
If World War III were to happen this year or even the next, it would be within the
centennial of the end of World War I. There are so many questions to be asked when the usually
behind closed doors topic is breached.
Would the government reinstate the draft? Which countries would take which side?
Would this world even survive or make a comeback if nuclear weapons are used?
Although a lot of talk has been said about the draft, there is no concrete evidence to
support those claims. Although there has been a lot of talk about the draft, there is no concrete
evidence to support the claim that the government would reinstate the draft. The last draft was
nearly 50 years ago during the Vietnam War.
As far as allies, it appears China could possibly back North Korea, but with a few
conditions. If Korea strikes first, they are staying out of it. China’s Foreign Ministry also put out
a statement saying that both sides need to stop “provoking” each other.
The U.S. seems to have Japan and Australia firmly on their side, both countries making
announcements on how they will not tolerate North Korea’s actions if they turn more turbulent.
Germany has yet to give a proper answer on the matter.
Even if North Korea’s threats will be met with “fire and fury,” as President Trump said,
what will the fallout look like for the rest of the world? Even though the U.S. is fully capable of
obliterating the smaller country, there is a possibility of one of the country’s other enemies
assuming that the missile strike is meant for them, resulting in a retaliatory strike. The U.S. may
be able to take a beating from North Korea, but certainly not from multiple countries at once.
If all-out war was to break out, it would certainly take its toll on the rest of the world,
leading into the possibility of yet another economic drop. Volatility in the world means a
troubled global market. Although war means ramped up production in the United States, it
doesn’t mean overall good economic health. Global trade would also freeze which would mean
the global economy would take a hard it. That’s doesn’t even include the impact nuclear
weapons would have.
Best case scenario, everyone on both sides just calms down and solves this
diplomatically. Worse-case scenario would be everyone finding out who wins in this incredibly
deadly and long-winded game of chicken between the two countries, with the ones truly getting
hurt are the people forced into playing this stupid game.

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