December 9, 2022

“There’s no place like home”

This years earth day event took off without a hitch this year on April 21. Students participated in games, water taste tests, free food, gained insightful information on earth day topics and played with the science departments turtle named Corey.

Gabe Olah, Mathematics, hosted a “Taste Test” table. Olah had participants taste two different kinds of water, and without telling them which cup contained what kind of water, he took a tally of how many people preferred each choice. Choice A was tap water from NCC and choice B was bottled water. 22 participants thought choice A tasted better, five participants thought choice B tasted better and four people thought both choices tasted the same.

In an e-mail sent to all the participants revealing the results, Olah stated, “After both bottled and tap water were refrigerated for an entire day, it appears that tap water was highly favored/desired. These results will be of big support to the Take Back the Tap Initiative, which, as indicated by the name, strives to encourage people to start drinking tap water instead of bottled water (which we removed from the Main Campus Food Court during Spring Break) because of the harmfulness of plastic water bottles.”

Renate Brosky and Gene Mosca, volunteers for Citizens Climate Lobby-Lehigh Valley Chapter (CCL), hosted a table to provide information on global warming.

CCL describes themselves as, “Citizens Climate Lobby is a national (and more recently, international) organization that empowers its members to build the political will for a stable and livable world.”

The groups main focus is to focus on passing a revenue-neutral carbon tax in hopes of speeding up the process of transitioning to clean energy and preventing a “climate catastrophe”. In the process they expect to create jobs and raise up the countries position as the world leader in technology and diplomacy.

In 2014 alone an estimated 2,500 letters were sent and published in newspapers and an estimated 6,991 handwritten letters were sent to Congress. CCL members even lobbied Congressional offices in over 1,000 meetings.

Those interested in learning more about CCL can go to The Lehigh Valley Chapter is one of 220 chapters globally.

Tara M. Zrinski, Philosophy professor, hosted a table for Pennsylvanians Against Fracking and discussed concerns regarding a natural gas pipeline soon to be build locally.

The PennEast Pipeline Company LLC announced plans to build a 105-mile natural gas pipeline that would stretch from Luzern County, PA to Mercer County, NJ and cross under the Delaware River. Concerned Citizens Against the Pipeline, CCAP, are fighting to keep the PennEast pipeline out of local communities.

Zrinski states in her article from the NCC Earth Gazette:

“The proposed PennEast  pipeline is expected to deliver one billion cubic feet of natural gas over 110 miles through a 36 inch diameter transmission line from Luzerne County in Pennsylvania to Mercer County, Jew Jersey.”

Below are a list of issues that, according to CCAP, may come forth as a result of the pipeline being build:

  • Pipelines carry a risk of catastrophic explosions or spills.
  • Compressor Stations along pipelines routes emit toxic COV’s and methane.
  • Pipeline fragrments have no say in pipeline siting.
  • Eminent Domain is legal under federal pipeline rules
  • Pipelines on private properties can reduce their value.
  • Pipelines are vulnerable to corrosion and must be maintained in perpetuity.

“Local groups like Food and Water Watch, Sierra Club, Berks Concerned Citizens Against the Pipeline have launched a campaign against the pipeline, citing the potential risks to both the environment and human health to abandon the PennEast Project. Over 26 municipalities have passed resolutions in solidarity with the opposition to the pipeline with good reason,” Zrinski also states in her article.

Zrinski also explains in her article that, if the pipeline is put in place, 33 wetland areas, 60 waterbodies and the Delaware river will be impacted.

To contact CCAP, e-mail them at

Below are photos of the celebration, courtesy Stephanie Giannakis.

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