September 27, 2021

Winners in Everyone’s Books

A big round of applause to the Tau Gamma chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. Over spring break, Tau Gamma went to the Phi Theta Kappa Middle States Regional Convention and came back champions after going up against 80 other chapters from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Individual awards were given to Nureen Zia, who won the first place Distinguished Member Award. Katelyn Schoelles, who won the second place Distinguished Officer Award. And Miranda Baker, who won the Paragon Advisor Award.

Photo Credit // PTK

While the chapter was given six other awards, including being ranked as the sixth most distinguished chapter in the region.

Tau Gamma consists of officers Katelyn Schoelles, Leanna Sjursen, Hunter Runge, The Commuter’s own Jeremiah Reardon; Member Nureen Zia; and Advisors Miranda Baker and Jennifer Quadro.

Congratulations, Tau Gamma!

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