June 3, 2023

A journey to make you perfect

By N.H Sajjad

This journey is about learning; learning from research, learning from your own insight, and learning from each other. If you are eager to be a part of this trip, you have to catch a leadership bus, which departs from NCC’s “Student Life and Leadership Development zone” every year during spring semester.  Aspirant passengers [students] have to go through an evaluation process to confirm the boarding pass of this bus [spring leadership program]. 

Every year they [Student Life and Leadership Development zone] do select 16 passengers, including five international, for boarding the bus. As of spring 2020, the bus has been boarded 160 students, including 50 international, since its inception in 2010, said Tyler Russel, Student Life and Leadership Development administrator.  

“The purpose of the leadership program is to teach students different leadership qualities using “Student Leadership Challenge” book by James Kouzes and Barry Posners,” said Tylor. 

“With identifying the weakness and strength, we also explore each student’s distinctive leadership style through introspection and different leadership testing systems,” he added.  

As a part of this program, students do meet with many high profile members of the college as well as the local community to learn about their leadership journey.   

The ongoing semester’s students have so far met with NCC’s president Dr. Mark Erickson; Mr. Christian Martin, CEO of Martin guitar; wind Creek Casino’s members; Elba Carides, Counselor and Professor (which college?); Tim Fehr, president of BerkOne Inc.; and Keith Morris, Chief of NCC’s Public Safety.   

“The leadership class is one such opportunity for me to learn how to improve my personality and identify myself,” said Kwaku Tieku-Dadey–from Ghana, 1st-year Information Technology major. 

“I have got the chance to meet other leaders and learn from their experiences. Everyone can lead, but exceptional leaders take time to learn from others,” he said.  

Another participant from Pakistan, Taiba Sultana, 1st-year Political Science major, said, “Through this class, I could make myself to a new height by exploring right paths toward desired goals.” 

“With the development of personality and leadership capability, this class helped me to figure out what my strengths and weaknesses,” she said. 

Taking interacting, participatory, engaging and involving as the slogan, they also do offer two other leadership programs titled “Emerging Students Leaders”, a four-week-long workshop, and “Rise Leadership Conference”, a daylong leadership conference, which typically takes place between October and February every year.   

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