June 4, 2023

A Spy On the Inside

Waking up, he felt a weight on his bare chest and felt soft hair tickling his chin. Slowly turning his head to the side, letting his eyes roam over the lavishly decorated room, he looked outside the balcony seeing one of the planet’s closure moons beginning to set meaning the planet’s loan sun would begin to rise soon enough; which meant it was time for him to go.

Maneuvering his way out from under the blue haired heiress, the scavenger quickly and quietly located his clothing and weapons and began to tip-toe his way out of her room without waking her or the other inhabitants of the richly made house.

A loan droid was cleaning the hallway as the man walked the length of it, starting on his actual mission. Recalling the secrets and information that he had gathered on his journeys throughout the star systems, the man located the heiress’s father’s office and typed in the specific code to get in. Hearing the satisfying ding, the man slinked in through the door and straight for a painting that was hanging on the opposite wall.

Taking a moment to admire the hand painted galaxy, the man sighed. He would like to say that he wishes he had a “normal” life with a wife, child, and a decent job, but with the war going on, and his love of slinky women, dirty money, and stealing pretty things, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

Shaking his head clear of these thoughts, the man removed the picture and quickly got to work on the safe that was behind it. If his intel was correct, there were to be plans to a top Reign facility that resided on a planet in the next galaxy over. Seeing as how the man who owned the office was a high-ranking official for the Reign, he hoped that his luck would pan out. Successfully opening the safe, he spotted a stack of paper; quickly rifling through them, he scanned each one before placing them back into the safe and covering it back up.

Time to go, he thought. Leaving the office, the man quietly raced out of the house without so much as alerting anyone. As he walked further and further away from the house and through the moon lit streets of the city, he began to feel a bit lighter. He was headed back to his ship that he had docked in an abandoned warehouse before he had to start on his mission of getting into the house.

Picking up the heiress was just a bonus for him, honestly, and it made the mission that much easier… and more enjoyable. A beep in his pocket alerted him to a message that had been sent to his communicator. Taking out the small purple box, he tapped on the worn button to see the hologram of the Queen’s sigil and smiled.

Now, the man did not follow anyone’s rules; not the Reign’s rules, not the Underground’s rules, and certainly not the rules set in place for society. But the Queen? Well, she was an exception. She had saved him from a bit of nasty business when he had wound up sleeping with the wrong man’s wife…and daughter. To thank her, he had agreed to share his information and go on little excursions for her. It was the least he could do for her.

His line of work allowed him to roam the galaxies freely, sleeping with anyone, and listening in on any secrets he could grab for her. She paid him under the table and passed off information to the Underground while simultaneously running an entire kingdom by herself. If that doesn’t say goddess, I don’t know what does, he thought as he entered his beat up, but dearly loved spacecraft. It was time to head back to her planet, to her kingdom, to her. He had a rather special gift for her.

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