March 29, 2023

Can we get supervision for a 71 year old?

I swore I’d stop with the political jabs at the president. But in the spirit of the holidays, old
habits die hard.

Supervision for a 71-year-old sounds like a bad joke I’d tell my grandfather after his seventh
glass of wine. For our president, it seems more and more like a necessity.
Twitter is an interesting place for celebrity. On one hand it works as a platform for good, getting
important messages out to the masses.
For Donald Trump, it has become an echo chamber of his bigotry and delusion. On Nov. 29, he managed to raise the hackles of our closest ally, Britain. He retweeted a video from Britain First, a group recognized by the British as a hate group.
In general, his tweets sound like a man who is hearing too much of his own voice, a man
sinking deeper into the trappings of delusional power. The lack of self-awareness doesn’t just
cost him his reputation, it affects us as a country now.
This brings me to the lighter portion of this article. When I was younger, my grandparents had
me write a Christmas list. In the spirit of ending the semester on a high note, here is my wish list
for politicians and for the country as a whole in ten items.
One: Can we get supervision for a 71 year-old-president. Let’s get back to basics and take away
the phone except for official communications. If he tweets like a child, treat him like a child.
Two: For the sake of the country, can all people involved in the Russia collusion case, just own
it. Admit the wrongdoing. I’m sick of it plaguing the news, and I know you are too.
Three: Can we make a TV program of Jeff Sessions lying. There’s nothing funnier than
watching Sessions squirm and lie about communications with Russians or the lie du jour.
Four: From now on, can we stop with the caustic memes on Facebook. They do nothing to
advance discussion and incite long comment threads of anger and spite.
Five: Can we reserve the breaking news banner on TV for actual breaking news. It gives me
anxiety every time I walk past a TV and see “BREAKING NEWS.”
Six: I just want the Republican Party to admit they don’t care about anyone making less than
$200,000 per year. If they did, this tax bill might be a little easier to swallow.
Seven: This one is for men. Do the right thing. Period.
Eight: I’d love to see some bi-partisanship in the new year. Some real collegial productive
workings in Congress would do this country good.
Nine: In the spirit of my philosophy professor, let’s take off the goggles that differ our
perspectives and try to understand one another in the new year.
Ten: I am probably the only Chicago Bears fan on this campus, but Santa, if you’re listening, I
want some wide receivers and a winning record next year.
Happy holidays.

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