December 6, 2022

Coconut water: As healthy as we think?

Coconut water can help you stay awake, is tastier than water and can help your body recover faster from physical pains…or so we think.

In the past year, the sale of coconut water has risen drastically. Celebrities can’t be seen without it. Athletes have sworn that it can replace energy drinks and even water to help them be at their top shape.

But can it really do all of that?

First let’s figure out what nutritional value coconut water actually has.

Per ounce it has 5 calories, 1.3 grams of sugar and 5 mg of sodium. A usual bottle of coconut water has about 30 servings so the math comes out to this being healthier than a sports drink.

The fact that makes coconut water so healthy is the amount of potassium it contains. Having 61 mg of potassium, one bottle contains more potassium than four bananas. Experts say that is what gives coconut water the edge over sports drinks.

However, like sports drinks, it shouldn’t be completely relied on. It hydrates you quickly and gives you the nutritional value that most adults lack but exercising requires protein and other foods to give you energy.

Studies show coconut water definitely helps replenish your body better than sports drinks with much less calories. It may not give you the energy you need but it is gives you vital nutrients. However, no studies show that it helps the body recover from cramps or pains faster. More information about these studies and other facts can be found at

Students at NCC seem to be following the trend as well. It is now available in the cafeteria and students can be spotted drinking it throughout campus.

“I love coconut water, it is so refreshing and better than boring water,” says Brittany, a First Year General Studies major.

While it may not replace your coffee, it can be the healthy drink alternative you have been looking for.


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