February 8, 2023

Congratulations to the Leadership Class of 2014

The 2014 Leadership Program graduating class celebrated their completion of the semester in a private and intimate graduation ceremony with friends and family on April 16 in the Student Life Zone.

This year’s leadership program class consisted of 17 NCC students that strive to become future leaders in the community, country and world. The program is designed to teach proper leadership etiquette to participants by discussing different personality traits, proper communication, teamwork and professionalism in a work and school atmosphere.

The 2014 Leadership Class grads
The 2014 Leadership Class grads

Throughout the course, students learned the five key concepts to being a successful leader: inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, model the way, enable others to act, and encourage the heart.

Student leaders had the opportunity to visit the Sands Casino other off-campus locations for the chance to meet present day leaders, learning how they use these five principles in everyday life. Corrine Gray, CAD, expressed in her graduation speech about “…experiencing them first hand from local leaders.”

Their major task of the semester was to take on an idea of change in the NCC environment and propose it to the student body in an hour and a half presentation.

The catch? Each team was carefully selected based on their personality types by putting those most likely to butt heads in one group. Despite differences, they are challenged to work effectively as a team and are judged based on their productivity, ability to settle disagreements, and the overall outcome of their presentations.

The graduates expressed what they have learned from this challenging experience during their graduation speeches.

“We learned that we should listen to each other,” said leadership graduate Rebecca Cimera, engineering major.

“I had to challenge myself and my classmates,” said John De Padua, biology major.

“Respect is needed for someone to listen to you, live your values,” said Krystina Clements, accounting major.

Each team was assigned a champion, an on-campus faculty member, who is specialized in the team’s topic.

Topics included developing a plan that will help NCC’s campus community engage in ideas on how to catalyze a campus sustainability transformation, measuring the NCC main campus carbon footprint, developing a sustainability strategy for the NCC main campus by examining utilities, recycling programs and trash streams, and to investigate the feasibility of returning some or all of NCC main campus acreage to its natural habitat.

“My team managed to take hold of that vision and make it come to life,” said William Clark, biological science major.

Special guests at the Leadership graduation included NCC alumni and 2010 Leadership Graduate Janice Reigel, early childhood education major at Eastern University.

Reigel addressed the leadership class and their families about her personal growth through the leadership program.

List of the 2014 Leadership Class:

Carolina Mayor, Funeral Services

Clint Doyle, Business

Corrine Gray, CAD

Dalairis Amaro, Communications

Demetrius Mullen, Computer Security

Elisha Puri, Business

Gabe Olah, Math

James Mautz, Economics

Jess Kroboth, Biological Science

John De Padua, Biology

Jordan Knighton, Communications

Krystina Clements, Accounting

Marcus Sands, Hospitality

Nicole Adams, Hospitality

Rebecca Cimera, Engineering

William Clark, Biological Science

Yoo Kwi Kim, Biological Science

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