October 28, 2021

Consider Wandering Upon A Universal Path

By Cynthia Nawal 

For most young people, decision-making can be a teeming and often frustrating demand. 

Deciding what to do with your life is the toughest of these choices.

We are expected to ponder such a dilemma from an early age and forced to finally make the permanent choice once we exit pubescence.

To only make circumstances worse, are the high fees that come with figuring out your true calling when one changes majors at even an “average” priced university.

Thus comes the need of a cheaper option which is fulfilled by the availability of community colleges. Many people who choose community college do so because of the small impact of getting their choice of major wrong, and how it would bear on their finances.

A current student states: “You’re dealing with a low stakes opportunity that can benefit you and provide you with a real life college experience.” 

Many of these students even make the wise choice of choosing a “General Education” option, which basically covers all of the required courses of all majors, including English I and II, a math course, lab course and a selection of universal electives.

One General Education student in their second semester said, “Being in general studies in community college is the best because you’re fresh out of high school and you don’t know what to do. It’s like, what are you going to do if you take time off to ‘figure it out’– work all day? And nobody wants to waste their time doing that.” 

Another version of this multivariate choice of study is a Liberal Arts enrollment.

Liberal Arts is an umbrella-type major, which covers a range of necessary courses in almost all humanities, arts, social science and linguistic courses. This study plan is also quite similar to that of a Communications enrollment, which is transferable into majors for fields from business, to language, to teaching. 

A transferring Communications major, states her reasoning for choosing community college: “Most people have an idea but don’t have a backup plan. And you may end up regretting your major. With community college, you get to test the waters at an affordable price, and can access, explore and interact with areas of many different fields.” 

When facing our lack of certitude, when it comes to the making of demanding choices, we must know our options and act responsibly.

One should know of the more lax alternatives of study options before they jump towards something more specific, in order to avoid ill-corroborated choices.