June 3, 2023

Fiction piece: Mother Nature’s Completely Justified Rant

As I breeze through the clogged streets, I look at the people.

The ones who rush, who drag their feet, who stand stock still. They run to and fro to places, that at the end of the day, will be a blur to them. Feeble, minuscule problems, they have that they blow entirely out of proportion. Issues that can be easily solved if they simply talked to each other or thought of anyone other than themselves. Such tiny, little beings – so cute that they think themselves the center of everything. They haven’t the faintest idea.

Beings such as myself look at these… things and cannot help but shake our heads.

Have they not seen and learned about their own past? Yet, they choose to repeat what they sought to redo? Pitiful. When they were given fire, they chose to use that to burn each other.     The gift of language is used to tear another down. What good is giving and giving to these creatures if all they do is use and abuse what they’ve been provided with? Do they truly deserve to go on doing what they’re doing? I’ve given them life, and yet, here we are. They’ve taken from me time and time again, and then throw it all back in my face. They trash and pollute and feel no remorse.

I am dying. Do you not see? If I die, I will take you all with me. The difference between us, is that I will regrow, as I always have. You? Will be nothing but a distant memory at the end of my day. I have seen your rise and fall and your rise and fall. You do this to yourself. There have been times when others have provided solutions – given you an out, a way to survive – but you chose to squash those individuals who were willing to try.

You focus on kicking those who you deem a threat out of “your” country when, at the end of the day, you should be trying to fix me and the future of your existence. I have done nothing to deserve the way you’ve treated me.

I pray that you will come to your senses. That you will see what has happened to me, and what will happen to you if you continue down this wretched path. We both deserve to live a happy, healthy life; I cannot see why we cannot coexist as we have done for ages. Let us not follow the rot down the whole. You have the opportunities to grow to be better and to flourish. Help make us healthy again.

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