December 6, 2022

First Impressions matter

It’s time to conquer that interview you have coming up.

Professional business attire speaks volumes to hiring businesses and shows you are a professional individual.

The Career Services team, including coordinator Janice Kenyatta, Nina Rehrig, Francine Maiatico and Terry Brindisi have you covered with First Impressions, a sophisticated boutique for students in need of professional clothes for an interview or new job.

“The members of the committee and I are extremely excited about the new and improved First Impressions initiative,” Kenyatta said.  “We see it as a win-win option for our students.”

First Impressions gives students the proper resources for professional attire at no cost thanks to local donations from alumni and staff through word of mouth.

Students will be able to walk into the room filled with business clothes ranging from pencil skirts to suits and find the style that fits them.  Students can then keep clothes as long as they need them.

Men and women will be able to browse and choose what suits their quirky style while staying professional.

Running for less than a decade, First Impressions was previously located across from Spartan Center. Now it’s based in a renovated area by the old bookstore with rows of men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

In addition, the staff will take measurements for those who do not know their size.

“After working years in retail, I am able to look at someone and know what size they are,” said Francine Maiatico, a career development specialist.

The Career Service team is excited for First Impressions to be up and running since last February.

Plans have been made to have a weekly staff of students with hours still to be determined so students can visit the boutique at their convenience.

“This project,” Kenyatta said, “has involved a concerted effort of many constituents from those who have made donations to the boutique, to others who used their skills, labor and expertise to give the boutique a professional appearance to its clients.”

First Impressions is located in College Center 101.  For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Kenyatta at 610-861-5343 or Rehrig at 610-861-5074.

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