September 29, 2022

Free food, free money

There is one word that every college student lives by: Free. Pair it with one of the other key college tenants: books, food, or money and you’ve got a powerful combination. PSECU has recently taken hold of two of these ideas and brought them to students at NCC, along with a dash of financial help.

On Feb 26 PSECU held another Lunch & Learn Workshop in CC220. The seminar’s hook was the free tacos offered, but it had bigger goal intended for its attendees. Sarah Weiser, Public Relations Manager for PSECU, visited from Harrisburg to host a discussion on budgeting. While mostly directed to seniors, the seminar was open to everyone and audience members included underclassmen and faculty members.

The seminar discussed the basics of budgeting and how those who don’t have a budget can start planning one. Weiser discussed various aspects such as listing cost of living expenses, creating goals, and limiting your spending. The meeting closed with a lively discussion among participants comparing tips to managing their expenses and limiting impulse purchases.

While PSECU is still planning its next workshop, that hasn’t stopped its outreach. On Tuesday March 3 PSECU presented to the SkillsUSA club, discussing credit and how to maintain it. The on-campus credit union is planning future meetings with other NCC clubs and groups as well.

PSECU’s latest promotion meets the second pillar of college life-free money. New members that join between now and Aug. 31 have the opportunity to earn up to $250 given to them by PSECU. While it’s an incremental process and there’s a handful of minor requirements, it’s surprisingly easy as well as generously rewarding. Those looking for more information on the promotion and clubs interested in their own personalized workshops can visit PSECU’s e-center next to the bookstore, or contact the center’s manager Candice Richards at

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