March 29, 2023

Halloween Festival 2015

Over 400 students attended NCC’s Halloween Festival on Oct 23rd to revel in ghostly activities.

Upon nightfall, students began to congregate in the Student Life Zone, the majority in an array of various costumes. Preparations were initiated back in Sept. according to Patrick Grifone, President of Student Senate and one of the organizers of the spooky gala.

The goal was to “get as many students as possible to come, participate in events and other activities that different clubs and organizations put on for the student body,” Grifone said.

The crowd contained eager dancers such as a groovy dancing ape, a break-dancing skeleton, Jesus holding a wooden staff, two cops, Captain America, Kim Possible and many others.

“The Cha Cha Slide got people going in the beginning,” said Asia Morton, a 2nd year secondary education major.

Another student, 1st year nursing major Storm Alvarado, admitted she was nervous at first, being a freshman and not knowing everybody, but said her favorite part was, “all the dancing…because it was nice to see people come together.”

After munching on chips dipped in either guacamole—vomiting out of a jack-o’-lanterns mouth—or salsa setting in the “brain” of the carved pumpkin, most students found themselves in the brisk twilight air near the bus terminal, waiting for the hayride to transport them to the haunted woods attraction.

On the bumpy ride over, students were on edge, apprehensive even, having heard screams far-off in the distance.

1st year general education major, Rebecca Buss, said, “I enjoyed the scary actors in your face yelling like, ‘YAAEAAK.’”

At the end of the sinister walk through the woods, filled with axe murders, escaped psychopathic patients, and the dead rising out of coffins, was a roaring campfire. There students could charcoal up a hotdog over the flames or roast a marshmallow to construct a delightful s’more. After that students were escorted back to the College Center to dance and socialize some more.

When asked what was their favorite part of the night, one student, 1st year engineering major Greg Corey said, “I liked all the s’mores and the campfire because campfires are fun.”

All of the nocturnal affairs prepared the weary souls for the much anticipated Rocky Horror Show being performed at midnight.

All photos courtesy Commuter photographer Devon Walker.

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