December 6, 2022

Helping one drop at a time

Numerous ways exist at NCC to help victims of tragedy like this year’s hurricanes, including a blood drive held every semester.
NCC counselor Ross Bandics, who helps organize the Miller-Keystone Blood drives on campus, stresses the importance of
donating blood.
“A blood drive is an example of something that may be considered scary,” Bandics said. “But donating blood is probably
nothing compared to what the person receiving the blood may have gone through. Take a risk and get involved in the
NCC hosts multiple blood drives throughout the year, allowing students to get involved and donate to their community.
“Donating blood is so important and it helps students connect,” Bandics said. “You’ll feel warm and fuzzy at the end of the day
knowing you did a spontaneous act of kindness to help those in need.”
Miller-Keystone Blood Center schedules local opportunities and events that are accessible to students to provide help. More
information can be found online at
Students planning to donate should bring their ID. Donors should have eaten something beforehand and can only donate once
every eight weeks.
“Anyone can come and donate, but if you can’t then there are so many other ways to help,” Bandics said. “Starting dialogue on
campus, raise funds, donate food or clothing – get involved.”

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