June 3, 2023

Let the renovations begin: the cafeteria remodel is underway

If you are a frequent flyer of the second floor College Center cafeteria at the Bethlehem campus you might have noticed a bit of general remodeling and construction.

This is all in preparation as the spring semester comes to a closing, NCC pushes for new expansions and renovations for the arriving students of the fall semester.

William Smith, Assistant Director of Building Services at NCC,  is the Design & Project Manager for the new renovation projects taking place in the cafeteria in CC 2nd floor and 1st floor kitchen areas.

These renovation plans involve expanding the 2nd floor cafeteria and turning the 1st floor kitchen area into the new Student Success Navigator suites.

For those who are not aware of the current kitchen arrangements, the kitchen is divided by two levels, the main cafeteria on 2 and prep kitchen on 1. The idea of the renovation is to bring up the 1st floor kitchen, expanding the 2nd floor kitchen area and making space for new suites on the 1st floor where the kitchen use to be.

The project plans began over a year ago but construction and demolition of the 2nd floor sitting areas began on April 1. The project costs approximately $1.7 million and will in finalized by August 16.

The recent expansion will be eliminating 60 seats that were located around the upstairs kitchen, but plans include installing 40 seats in numerous locations and adding a new entrance into the cafeteria.

Smith said it best when he stated, “whatever we do, we do in the common interest of the students. Everything we do is for them”.

Construction Management student Khaleef Williams is moonlighting during the third shift construction work to earn credit for his class assignments. This is just one of the many ways that NCC provides opportunities for students and really goes to show that everything they do has our common interest.

As stated the renovation is a two-step expansion plan. The second floor construction will be benefiting our food vendor Sodexo allowing them to have a bigger kitchen and have access to all their supplies.

Some of the supplies being brought upstairs include a dishwashing station, grille, range, oven and kettle area, cold preparation and catering, receiving, storage and offices, and a new walk-in cooler and freezer.

The 1st floor construction is targeted toward our Student Success Initiative, which puts NCC student success first. The Student Success Navigators are advisors who are trained to help students find their right path and to continue on that path.

Twelve new suites will be built where the current 1st floor kitchen is located, from the main entrance to College Center across from Kopeck Hall, and would have a new entrance built were the NCC diamond is located.

For students who will miss the seating areas that were around the cafeteria will be glad to know that not only will more seating be installed, but also the Student Life Zone, which holds 50% of our sitting space, will be less likely to be closed to the public. Areas like the Laub Lounge will become a more dynamic meeting area for students who are looking to just sit and relax.

So it’s out with the old and in with the new at NCC as we continue to push forward to better ourselves as a college community.

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