June 5, 2023

Letter from the editor

In the beginning we never understand the decisions we make until we see it come in fruition, then we sit back and watch it grow.

August 2018 I took over as the Managing Editor for this paper “ The Commuter” and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made at NCC.

To the students graduating this May, I cannot wait to stand with you as we achieve what some of us believed to be the impossible stretch.

When this all began for me in 2015, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go to college so I started part time. With each semester I became more sure that this was my path but I felt something was missing.

In 2017, I switched my major to Journalism and met my friends Kelsey Walters and Shawna Campanaro who have been my rock throughout this whole adventure.

I met one of the most peculiar teachers, Professor Robert Hays, who became a mentor and eventually my advisor for The Commuter.

I started on the news staff as part of Professor Hays newswriting class but eventually I started writing for The Commuter as a reporter in the Spring 2018.

Then an opportunity opened as the old Managing Editor, Cole Tamarri, had begun his preparations for graduation and was looking for someone to pickup the mantle.

At first I was unsure of the opportunity that laid before me and I knew that there were two roads that were ahead of me, but I’m not one for the path of no resistance so I took a leap of faith.

So many opportunities have been opened after I took this step forward. From visiting Washington D.C. to getting to meet State Senators in Harrisburg, taking the steps in the direction of most resistance turned out to be the best step forward.

To all students incoming or current, take that step in the path of most resistance. Challenge yourself and don’t be surprised that you came out the other side unbroken and stronger.

To the teachers who know me, thank you for being a support system and giving me constructive criticism to make me a better student. To the staff members who interviewed with me for one of my articles, I thank you deeply for you time and patience.

To my mentors Professor Hays and Professor Eric Chiles, we might have not always seen eye to eye but I always listened to your strong advice and made this paper to the best of my abilities.

I now leave this paper in the hands of Eve Labram, please faculty and staff make her feel welcomed and stop by The Commuter office, CC140, to say hello.

To the Marketing and Communications department, I would also like to thank you for getting us more involved with some activities. Please always keep The Commuter in mind and I hope to continue to build a strong relationship between us.

As I get ready to cross that threshold of graduation and begin my undergraduate at Penn State University for Corporate Communications, I will always keep NCC in my heart and the friends I’ve made close.

Thank you for these eight issues of The Commuter, I’ve hope you have enjoyed them. Here’s to more to come.

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