March 29, 2023

Making a difference

Everyone knows about Hurricane Harvey’s devastation and how badly it affected Texas.
While Houston has been in the news, not enough people are talking about the city of Corpus
Christi where Harvey first made landfall.
There are a group of Northampton Community College students more than willing to race
down to Corpus Christi and begin helping rebuild the place from the ground up.
The Christian Fellowship Club is sponsoring these students and trying their hardest to
send them on their way, but money is an issue.
The group’s goal for donations is $50,000 and even though the plan was to originally go
in October, the trip has been postponed until winter break so that the goal can be met.
This is where the rest of the students, staff, and community comes into play. The group of
students are accepting donations to use towards their relief work. The donations table is up at the
main campus during certain hours on only certain days, so keep an eye out for it, but the website
is up 24/7.
To donate, please go to and help allow these students to do
more than just share and like a post. Donations of all sizes are welcomed and much appreciated.

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