June 2, 2023

Mara’s Mom Moments

We have finally closed 2020. What a year, huh? Who knew the pandemic would last this long? Although we now have vaccines, it is still lingering all over the globe. No one knows if and when this will all be over.

It’s been a little over a month since my last column. I’ve enjoyed my little break with my kids. However, I have gained tons of pounds during this process and I am wanting to create a healthier way for our family to eat.

I started Googling healthy meals for kids and families and found this section on the Food Network website. It provides you with healthy dishes that you’ll enjoy. I have already tried to make two or three of the dishes, but my favorite is the “make your own tacos” because the kids have fun doing it. If you have a tablecloth for your kitchen table, I would highly recommend taking it off, as this will be very messy. I use ground turkey instead of regular beef and it really doesn’t make a difference in taste. The kids love it!

Recently, I went back to therapy. It took a lot of strength to realize I needed help. I left my job last year to keep my children safe from COVID-19 and to be their support system through this tough change.

Last year was busy. I was so busy that I stopped taking care of myself. It was like I was running a marathon that was never ending. Sometimes anxiety is hidden to not show signs of weakness and if you are anything like me, I am pretty good at keeping it together.

Being a mom can be quite the challenge and I have gone through many difficult changes in my life. It is hard to become a mother at a young age, especially after not having the best childhood. But through those challenges you manage to find your way and teach yourself what you needed as a child to be better.

In my years of researching and reading about being a parent I discovered how much I loved to find information to put to good use. (That is how I found my passion for journalism.) Here is a meaningful quote that I came across: “A mother who grew up constantly being criticized might belittle her own child or, just as damaging, never correct their behavior at all. For others, a difficult childhood can result in a paralyzing lack of confidence, or fear that they will hurt their children in the way they themselves were hurt,” -Jacquelyn Mitchard, “How to Be a Good Parent After a Bad Childhood.”

Mitchard’s words spoke to me louder than any firework I had ever experienced.

Some families repeat the same harmful cycles for generations. For me, it was imperative that I do better for my own children. I have made mistakes over the years, but how would you be able to learn without those experiences? Although it was and still is a hard process to overcome, it is not impossible.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes from the Food Network website, feel free to click and choose.

  • Fruit Salad – This is a great & simple healthy snack that kids can eat and enjoy.
  • Tacos – Who doesn’t like tacos? But be careful, they can be quiet messy.

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