September 24, 2022

MyNCC Gets an Upgrade

Cole Fritz

Information technology services are updating the system the school has been using for over 25 years.

“We have been using a system that is 25-years-old. It gets difficult to keep up with the times when we have to keep working with a system that old,” Information Technology Services administrator Deborah Burak said.

The solution to fixing the old system is a project called NCC Phoenix.

Using a new system called Workday ITS over the next few years will update the system which includes payroll, scheduling, MyNCC and more.

“We went through a lot of systems trying to decide which one to use, we decided on Workday.”

The new system Workday is a state-of-the-art system to combine all elements of a company’s or school’s functions into one system. Many recognizable names use Workday like Yale, Sony and Visa.

“The world’s leading companies trust Workday as their enterprise cloud suite, supporting breakthrough results in financial management and human capital management across a wide range of challenges and industries,” as stated on the Workday Website.

With Workday, students will be able to do everything from check their schedule to check their financial aid. Faculty will also get something more, as their payroll and scheduling systems are updated to become more efficient.

The process will take a few years before its fully implemented. This upcoming year, the only thing planned to change is the payroll and scheduling system. However, in a few years, everyone will be able to enjoy a freshly updated system.


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