June 4, 2023

NCC security ready for any situation

NCC security constantly drills and plans out responses to different scenarios, says NCC security chief Marvin Gruber.

Campus security is ready to roll into action
Campus security is ready to roll into action

Security performs tabletop drills, which are “key personnel discussing simulated scenarios in an informal setting,” he says.

Security prepares for “weather problems, building malfunctions, power loss and school shootings,” Gruber says.

His staff “plans and organizes as best we can” without getting in the way of the students too often, he says.

Security works on scenarios for events so they are prepared to respond as soon as it happens, he says. In January, it scheduled a tabletop drill involving the simulation of a stairway collapse.

The public can help make the college safer. If you hear anything abnormal like someone wailing in distress, Gruber says, notify security at 610-861-5588.

“Report things as you hear about them,” he says.

Each incident is different, Gruber says. Security has to be ready to call for backup or do anything they can do, he says.

Security is prepared to send text alert messages to students in case of an emergency, he says. They are ready to secure a building to make sure no one gets in or out in extreme cases, Gruber says.

When an incident is verbal, security personnel will handle it, he says, but if things get physical or a weapon is involved, they will call police.

There are occasional fights and people “smacking at each other” Gruber says, but only one case involved a weapon.


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