October 28, 2021

New Kids on the Quad

By Shawna Campanaro

With the fall semester beginning, new students came flooding in within the past month finding new rooms, taking new classes on a different schedule, and transitioning into their majors.

Damani Henry, first year general studies major, chose NCC because it was close and affordable saying, “for the most part, my classes aren’t too overwhelming.”

“I’m taking 3 classes on campus and 2 online. I like everything about college, meeting new people, my professors are nice, and I’m learning to become more independent,” said Henry.

Coleen Burke chose NCC for the Radiography program, which is one of the best programs in the Lehigh Valley, and also the most affordable.

“I am currently in the expanded Radiography degree. It means I was chosen to be in the program right out of high school, but still need to complete my prerequisites. I will begin the actual program next fall if I maintain a certain GPA this year,” said Burke.

As for managing classes, not much has changed since high school for Burke.

“I was very involved in high school, so having little to no time to do so much schoolwork taught me skills I would need to balance classes and any clubs or activities I choose to join on campus,” said Burke.

Marc Burritt is a Criminal Justice major and chose NCC because of the good program and convenience of location.

“I am managing my classes by writing down all assignments in a checklist format. I am taking five classes, I like the classes and the professors a lot, but dislike the workload,” said Burritt.

It seems for now that the new students are transitioning into their new home at NCC with ease as we welcome them and all newcomers with open arms.

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