May 23, 2022

Partnership aims to bring young talent to the big stage

A new Lehigh Valley organization aims to brighten the holidays with the help of NCC.

Since 2014, the Lehigh Valley Youth Chorus has been training children from grades three to nine in the art of ensemble singing. The chorus is designed help start children on the path to developing their talent through serious training by the group’s founder, Kelley Atwood.

Atwood has been coaching and conducting voices of all ages for more than 20 years.

As the Chorus’ Artistic Director, she selects prospective voices through audition, intensive instruction and rehearsal, resulting in a professionally trained, beautiful cast of young voices. The students learn a variety of genres from secular and religious pieces, to Atwood’s passion of world music.

“The program has attracted many wonderful families from across the Lehigh Valley who recognize and value the importance music has in the world,” Atwood said.

To quote her husband and PR Director Brian Atwood, “The art quality reaches far beyond what one would expect from children singing, and it offers music appealing to everyone.”

Starting as a summer camp under the name of the Easton Youth Chorus, the LVYC has taken the next step in its growth – forming a residency partnership with Northampton Community College. Much like the New York Philharmonic and Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center, the Chorus has taken its residency at Lipkin Theatre, conducting everything from rehearsals and auditions to grand performances.

“We represent Northampton in that way,” Brian Atwood said. “It’s a step in the right direction to broaden NCC’s music program and the Lehigh Valley’s music awareness.”

The partnership brings the chorus under the wing of NCC’s Horizons for Youth program, expanding its reach by including music within its vast array of programs. With the help of Dr. Gail Mrowinski, Associate Dean of Community Education and her role in HFY, and Keith Marks, NCC student and LVYC piano accompanist, the Chorus has hit the ground running. The Chorus completed its auditions and began to practice for its inaugural debut for the 2016 Winter Concert on Dec. 11 in Lipkin Theatre.

With this partnership, the chorus is more than just another group in the theatre. “We want students to say, ‘This is my college’s music program.'” Brian Atwood said. “We’re part of the NCC family.”


The Lehigh Valley Youth Chorus’s 2016 Winter Concert will be held on Dec. 11 at 2 p.m. in Lipkin Theatre. For more information, contact or call 610-861-4120



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