June 3, 2023

Political Science Club hosts McElwee Forum

When it comes to public service, Jeff Coleman, the next guest in line for the McElwee forums was the perfect fit.

The second forum hosted by NCC’s Political Science Club was on April 11 in College Center 146. The forum was a lecture based talk, followed by a book signing.

Coleman gave the basic poll rundown at the very beginning of his talk. He showed how varied views can be when you are literally next door neighbors with someone.

“Politics are customized to us,” said Coleman. “And 90% of the time politics are fear based.”

Politics range from bumper stickers to mail, according to Coleman. Bumper stickers are advertisements, hoping to get responses from other people. Mail is just the privatized way to do this.

“The ads used and mail sent to people are made to strip people because of their views,” said Coleman. “They de-humanize people.”

Coleman did not talk on the negative side of politics for too long, but went into his backstory of his line of community service, being a former PA representative as well as an author.

“The majority of these experiences tie people together,” said Coleman. “I walk into institutions, rooms, anywhere and there are views on 1,000 different things. The message to be taken out of today is to respect each other has human beings.” Coleman is the last guest of the semester in the McElwee forums. The Political Science club is hoping to continue to bring political figures who showcase immense community service on campus in the fall. For more information, contact Zach at zsturniolo@nullspartan.northampton.edu.

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