June 4, 2023

Scholarship Orientation

By Jessica Sutton and Heather Gil

The Scholarship Program hosted its first Orientation at NCC to help students fully understand the benefits and opportunities that are available for them. 

Students who entered Room 220 were served lunch and greeted by faculties who have an open-door policy, and who are available at any time if a student needs help or resources, to further their education and careers.

The orientation was created to benefit recipients who’d like to learn more about the scholarship process and all that it can offer students. Most scholarships are donated by donors and during the orientation, students had the chance to send a ‘Thank You’ letter to their donors. 

Students were given chances to get in touch with career services and learn more about financial aid.

Patrick Hockenberry, one-year manager of the scholarship program, has enjoyed the position because it allows him to interact with students more. He is able to meet the students and watch them grow. Due to the donor’s generous donations, students are able to focus more on school and are able to graduate on time. Donations also enable students to find jobs with good pay which provides them with opportunities to give back.

“Philanthropy is important,” said Hockenberry. 

He wanted students to understand the importance of giving, receiving, and how that can benefit the lives of those around them. 

While students receive a generous amount from scholarships that vary from $100 to $1,000 per semester by NCC donors, students have no obligation to pay the school back. According to Hockenberry, showing gratitude by attending these events and sending letters to their donors-telling them how they’re doing and expressing their thanks- is enough.

Elise Holben, Major Gifts Officer, who has worked at NCC for 3 years, works to secure more scholarships. She works with the Foundation Board to gain more donors and communicates with them. Students can speak to her if they wish to give back when they graduate. She also secures a date with donors for the luncheon.

Luncheon dates with donors are November 12 and 14th for Bethlehem campus.

Holben, Hockenberry, and other staff members will be there at the luncheon with the donors and students.

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