January 31, 2023

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Final Season Review

A war left unfinished….until now. On May 4th, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is officially over and the story on how the show started didn’t begin out well. 

This series started back in 2008 with a theatrical release that left fans and critics disappointed and outright angry with Lucasfilm from the sudden inclusion of Anakin’s new apprentice along with the poor animation and very childish humor. Cartoon Network then announced, months after the film’s release, that they will be premiering episodes of a Clone Wars television show based on the movie. The show aired 5 seasons with 22 episodes each and slowly grew a fanbase. The show was ultimately canceled.

 However, Netflix later acquired the show in 2014 and  released 13 never before seen episodes.. The show skyrocketed in views and the fan base grew exponentially and the team behind The Clone Wars released novels and comic books based on the storyboards of the show while working on other Star Wars shows like Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Resistance. But, The Clone Wars finally got their final season on February 21st, on Disney+ with only 12 more episodes. 

Without spoilers (see here for spoilers), all I can say is that this final season was what everyone expected in the first 8 episodes. The first 8 episodes were fine on their own as story arcs but they pale in comparison to the final 4 episodes. I believe that if you are a fan of just Star Wars in general, then you will love these last 4 episodes even if you aren’t caught up with the show, although you should probably catch up first if you want context. All in all, I would give the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars a 9.6/10, and I highly recommend that you give the season, if not the entire show, a watch. I promise you will enjoy it from start to finish. 

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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