September 29, 2022

Staying LinkedIn for job opportunities

As the worlds largest career network on the internet, LinkedIn is an organized online resource that can be utilized by job searchers or bosses pursuing a new employee. In todays society, networking is one of the most favored methods of job hunting. LinkedIn makes this process nearly effortless.

LinkedIn accommodates success-seeking individuals by providing a free and easy to use job search, networking opportunities, a collection of referrals and recommendations as well as the opportunity to stay in touch with former peers, coworkers, professors and bosses.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is solely based on career advancement.

LinkedIn Etiquette is always important when it comes to finding opportunities online. Here are some mannerisms one should keep in mind when maintaining a professional profile on the internet.

Maintaining a constant presence in a timely fashion is crucial to finding opportunities on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to log in on a regular basis to check your notifications and mailbox. If you have a smart phone, download the LinkedIn app so you get notifications when someone messages you or views your profile.

Being truthful on your LinkedIn profile is important. You do not want to mislead people into thinking that you know about something that, in reality, you are not familiar with at all. Treat your profile as if it were your resume and you were taking it to a job interview. You never know who is viewing your profile or what opportunities will come across.

On default, LinkedIn provides a generic message for you to send out to people when you request to connect, ask for a recommendation or inquire on an endorsement. Changing the message to something more personal and including their name will produce a more sincere notion of your intensions.

Never directly ask a connection for a job right away. You will appear rude and unprofessional. Introduce yourself and share some information about your qualifications before you request to be considered for a job interview.

Here are some tips on how to make your linkedIn profile appear more professional:

  1. Add a professional picture to your profile.
  2. Add a well-written summary that describes who you are professionally and what you are looking for in the near future. Utilize spell check.
  3. List your professional skills, including software you are familiar with and social skills, such as public speaking and teamwork.
  4. Include classes you have taken previously to showcase your knowledge.
  5. Display where you got your education.
  6. Customize your URL so your profile is easy to find and simple to remember. Using your name is recommended if possible.
  7. Incorporate a list of experiences you have encountered.
  8. List organizations you joined in the past. This could include clubs or non-profit organizations.
  9. Displaying your volunteer experiences could impress certain companies.
  10. Exhibit awards and honors you have earned.
  11. Request your connections to write a recommendation for your profile.
  12. Create a profile headline that best represents you.
  13. Post a new status weekly so your connections do not forget about you.
  14. Post sample works and pieces you have done in the past to showcase your expertise.
  15. Include URL’s to your other professional profiles or your personal website.

Groups you may want to join on LinkedIn:

  1. The Northampton Community College University Page (
  2. The Northampton Community College Career Network (
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