June 4, 2023

Student Senate election comes to a close

Students took to the polls to elect their student senators at the Bethlehem and Monroe campuses.

47 candidates ran for 10 seats at the Bethlehem campus, while 11 candidates ran for seven seats at the Monroe campus. This election was the most competitive yet.

The 10 students elected at the Bethlehem campus were Natazia Edwards, Jeff Jupiter, Kylie Buscemi, Luca Reedy, Nicole Cruts, Tessa Bakke, N. Raicha Kamara, Alexander Walsh, Anthony Santilli and Kelvin Osoria.

Students were able to vote for candidates at either campus, regardless of which campus they attended. More than 1,100 votes were cast online between Sep. 19 and Sep. 22.

The new student senators were sworn into their positions on Oct. 4.

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