December 6, 2022

Student senate holds masquerade

On Friday, February 21st the Student Senate had a Winter Masquerade Ball for students to have fun at the school.

Every winter the Student Senate tries to have a dance. Usually, this dance is the Valentine day dance this year they decided to try and do a Masquerade Ball. 

A committee was formed for the event, consisting of members of the Student Senate. The members of this committee were Abigail Catera, Karla Verdejo, Nicholas Mazzaella, Isiah Frison, and Kenya Emmanuel. There was also additional support given from the international students and HACC ( Hispanic American Cultural Club) when setting up. Other members of the student senate helped throughout the night as well. 

“ We had the idea of a masquerade ball brought up a while ago, and it sounded like something fun that the students could participate in.” Stated Abigail Catera, first year, Communications major. 

The Ball had photos available to be taken, food and drinks, music and a dance floor for the students to enjoy. Before the ball earlier in the week there was a mask-making station so any students who didn’t have access to a masquerade mask could make one. About 50 students showed up to have fun for the night. 

“ Being able to have events like this gives us the chance to give back to the students,” Stated David Martinez Saenz, president of the student senate. “ This gives the students a chance to have fun in a safe environment at the school.”

There will be another event like this one next year. There is a dance every year at the school, this was the first masquerade ball with possibly many more to come.

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