March 25, 2023

Student Senate round-up

Oct. 20th Northampton Community College’s Student Senate held their second meeting of the semester.

The meeting began with a Senate budget discussion.

Student Senate Treasurer Ryan Armbruster gave the treasury report. For the Student Senate retreat, $600 was allotted, and the Senate went $367 over budget.

Armbruster felt more money needed to be allotted for the cross-Senate events because Monroe Campus’s senate was also a part of the retreat. Another Student Senator mentioned Monroe Campus should be, if all goes according to plan, running the next retreat, and that would save money for the Bethlehem Campus Senate.

For the Halloween dance, $1,270 was allotted, and the Senate was able to stay on budget.

When asked, Armbruster said that it was difficult to stay on track budgeting activities, especially with the increase of 600 resident students. More people attend the activities, such as the Halloween party, which means more money for food and decorations.

The Senate realizes they need to know how to get by on less, something Armbruster acknowledged post-meeting. He said one way is by feeding people at events with small snacks rather than large food like sandwiches and pizza.

Currently, there is $11,634.99 left in the senate’s bank account.

The Student Senate is also responsible for allocating funds to NCC clubs. Clubs are allocated money based on a points system, which the Senate made available to The Commuter.

Photo courtesy  Hannah Young
Photo courtesy Hannah Young

Clubs can earn points in various ways, such as being involved in campus activities or hosting an activity, fundraising, and civic engagement and community service, among others. Points can also be awarded based off of ending balances of a club. For an ending balance below $250, three points are awarded.

An academic club, which is a club that increases student understanding of a major, provides academic support for students, etc, automatically receives two points. When club officers attend the NCC Student Leadership Program, their club will gain points depending on how many workshops they have attended.
According to Armbruster, points are worth about $30-$40 dollars. The funding is based on the total points from the time period April 1st to March 31st of a given year. The club will be allocated for the next fiscal year, which is July 1st through June 30th.

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