October 7, 2022

Study abroad program stretches students’ horizons

Nine new courses are available for this years’ 2019-2020 study abroad programs; varying from 1-3 credits, students of any major are able to travel for up to four weeks in another country.

“Northampton’s study abroad program is affordable and accessible for students” said Maria Dietrich, the Assistant Director of International Programs in College Center 287.

The study abroad program at NCC is about 20 years old; the first notable program for study abroad was in Paris, where courses still occasionally become available.

In the past, courses were designed to teach general cultural introductions and studies. This year’s faculty has helped narrow the focus of the courses to ensure that students can generate a Personal Action Plan to build off their experience.

“The schedules are busy,” said Maria Dietrich “but you get a lot out of it”. Programs at NCC this year are offered during winter, spring, and summer break.

While the winter session offers courses in Egypt, the spring session offers courses in Spain, Greece and Belize. Courses for the summer session have not yet been made available.

Last year students had opportunities to travel to places like Japan, France, and China.

“Applying is not a commitment. That just tells us you’re interested and want to start the process. “ said Dietrich. She also adds that students who are looking to study abroad even have the opportunity to apply for external and internal scholarships to help fund their travel.

All courses include a pre-departure and post-travel section. What makes the experience unique is that each country has its own program instructor as well as different academic focuses.

“It’s a valuable experience and a great opportunity to meet people from different countries,” said Dietrich.

For information contact Maria Dietrich at mdietrich@nullnorthampton.edu or at 610.861.5429.

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