December 6, 2022

Study Abroad with NCC

What if you could fly to Rome and spend a week traversing the cobblestone streets and
exploring the historic museums? If you could have a chance to toss a penny in the legendary
Trevi fountain or see the Coliseum where gladiators battled, would you take it?
With Northampton’s Study Abroad program, these dreams can become a reality. NCC
offers these fantastic opportunities to students every year as 7-week hybrid courses. The trips
complete a course comprised of online and in-person learning content in order for students to
acquire a better knowledge of the places they will see in order to broaden the experience. These
programs are 1 or 3 credits, depending on the selected course and depth of study.
Expand your knowledge of the global community with international travel. Meet people
from different cultures and learn about other countries through experience. Set yourself apart
with active participation and involvement in the world around you.
The upcoming trips:
Winter: (Jan. 1-8, 2018)
● Buenos Aries, Argentina
Spring: (March 10-17, 2018)
● Colombia
● Egypt
● Japan
● Italy (Rome)
● Spain (Madrid)
Summer: (May 26 – June 9, 2018)
● Costa Rica
● Greece
● China (Shanghai)
● Italy
● Spain
To learn more about individual courses, tuition fees and financial aid, and further information,
visit the International Office in CC287 or

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