January 31, 2023

Super Bowl LIII: The Granddaddy of ‘em All

Twenty weeks of NFL football, 30 teams being eliminated, questionable referee decisions, and multiple heartbreaks has all led to a single game being played in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3rd.

The 53rd Super Bowl is around the corner, and it features one new challenger. But to a lot of fans, their opponents are familiar and annoying faces in the competition. The New England Patriots are facing the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

Tom Edward Patrick Brady Jr., also known as potentially the greatest quarterback of all time, has led the Patriots to yet another Super Bowl appearance. This will be his 9th appearance during his time starting at quarterback, which is just astonishing.

Brady’s work on the field, while also being backed by one of the greatest coaches ever to exist in Bill Belichick, have NFL fans around the world amazed, yet also annoyed, at this amazing dynasty.

Brady is getting towards the back end of his career but also has shown no signs of regression during this 11-win season. He is currently 41 years old and still playing at an elite level.

Rookie running back Sony Michel and wide receiver Julian Edelman have also played key roles in the Patriots success through the postseason. The Patriots are looking to redeem themselves from last year’s Super Bowl LII defeat coming from the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles.

They have yet another opportunity to write their name into history as to be only the second team to ever win 6 super bowls. Their opponents are no push over though.

The Rams have a chance to win their second ever Super Bowl, and they definitely have the talent to do it. Signing big names free agents such as cornerback Marcus Peters, wide receiver Brandin Cooks, and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh have helped their squad massively throughout the year.

Led by 33-year-old head coach Sean McVay, the Rams had a record of 13-3 in the regular season and have continued winning at a high level throughout the playoffs. Led offensively by quarterback Jared Goff and running backs Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson, the Rams have a legitimate shot at beating the ever-favored Patriots. Many want the Rams to dethrone Brady’s bunch, but some are willing to admit that it probably will not happen.

“I can’t see the Rams beating the Patriots when you have Tom Brady in the game,” first-year student Sean Pohl said. “They’re just too good, even though I hate them.”

Another first-year student Aeron Meilinger comments on the game by saying, “Although the Rams are not the favorites, I can actually see them pulling off an upset like last year. I think they’ll win and I want them to win as well.”

If you’re not attracted to football very much and have no idea what was just said above, you still probably watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, halftime show, or both. Maroon 5 was selected to headline the halftime show this year, and fans are excited. Also on the big stage are some of the best and funniest commercials that appear on the air. Geico and Progressive have had some amazing and hilarious commercials throughout the previous Super Bowls, and people can’t wait to see what is in store for this one. Some people actually watch the game to watch the commercials. Who would’ve thought?!?

Whether you’re a casual fan, diehard fan, or not a fan at all, chances are that you will tune in to the Super Bowl. The mania is here and although football season is coming to a close, the final game is always an exciting one to watch. Rams vs. Patriots, February 3rd, @6:30 pm.

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