January 22, 2022

The Boy who never dies

From quidditch to The Prophet, from butterbeer to patronuses, Chestnut Hill was jam
packed with “Harry Potter” enthusiasts to celebrate the annual “Harry Potter” Festival.
People of all ages crowded the college campus of Chestnut Hill on October 20th and 21st
to watch both school and local quidditch teams go head to head to catch the golden snitch and be
crowned winners. Venders set up stands to give food and drink and a wide variety of all things
geeky besides “Harry Potter.”
On Germantown Avenue, fans of the beloved series flitted from table to store to street
corner activity as the people were temporarily transported to Diagon Alley for the day. Shops
lining the sidewalks had booths set outside as well as a decorated store to entertain the masses.
The Chestnut Hill “Harry Potter” Festival this year marked the 2nd annual festival, with
last year being the first official themed festival. The years prior were considered to be “just a
festival for the upcoming Halloween with nothing really special” according to DJ John, who was
working The Death Eater Dance Party.
Last year, in the pouring rain, Germantown Avenue had been swamped with close to
45,000 people. This year, they doubled the six-block radius to twelve, and included the nearby
college campus, along with additional parking and bathrooms.
Their estimates for this year’s festival were close to 60,000 fans, and it certainly seemed
to have been close to that.

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Majority of the events were free, including getting sorted into a house by Sirius Black,
listening to a local library read the series, real life chess a la “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s
Stone,” and many others. Some cost money, but that is to be expected when it comes to buying
wands and potions and face paintings.
Dressed up or dressed down, the patrons of the festival delighted in each other’s
company, and overall seemed thrilled to be around people who felt the same kind of love for the
same book and movie series.

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