March 25, 2023

The vaccination situation

(People waiting in line and receiving vaccinations at the Wind Creek Event Center in Bethlehem, Thursday, Feb. 4. Photo by Commuter staff.)

Northampton Community College administrators are encouraging students, faculty and staff to sign up in advance to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, in order to be notified once it is available to them depending on their eligibility. Signups and information on when the vaccine will be available can be found on or

   While there are no mandates for students or faculty to receive the vaccine right now, it is strongly encouraged.

 “Based on what we know about vaccines for other diseases, [the COVID-19 vaccine] may help keep those who receive it from getting seriously ill, even if they do contract COVID-19,” said Judy Rex, dean of allied health & sciences at NCC. “Getting vaccinated will not only protect the person who is vaccinated but will help protect all those in the NCC community.”

 Consult a health care professional before seeking a vaccine if you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

 Pennsylvania is currently in Phase 1A of vaccine distribution, which includes vaccine availability for health careworkers, residents of long-term care facilities, people age 65 and older and 16 – 64 with high-risk conditions, according to Pennsylvania’s Department of Health website. Phases 1B and 1C will include additional at-risk workers. During Phase 2, the vaccine will be available to everyone above age 16.

  NCC’s administration will keep students and college personnel informed about when vaccines will be available through their communications channels, NCCGO app, email and social media. Students and faculty are encouraged to check for updates.

 Some NCC professors have begun receiving their vaccinations. Journalism professor Eric Chiles received his vaccination at the Wind Creek Event Center on Thursday.

(NCC professor Eric Chiles receives his vaccination. Photo by Commuter staff)

  “There were eight vaccination stations with about a 30-minute wait in line because of rescheduled vaccinations from Tuesday’s snowstorm,” Chiles said. “It is a pretty significant event for everyone. It’s a big deal to us unlike just going for a flu shot. My shoulder felt a little sore and I was out of it for a little, but otherwise everything was fine.”

   Regardless of vaccine status, students and college personnel are asked to continue diligently washing hands, properly wearing effective masks and following social distancing guidelines. ID’s must be worn by everyone on campus. 

  Those planning to come to campus must complete the NCC health check prior to visiting. It is especially important for those attending evening classes, so that the health center can resolve any concerns before closing for the day. Contact tracing investigations will be conducted when COVID-19 symptoms are reported or when positive tests are confirmed by a health care professional.

  There are currently six active COVID-19 cases on NCC campuses, with 125 total cases reported between the fall and spring semesters. Updated totals can be viewed on NCC’s COVID-19 dashboard:. Students with health concerns can call the Health Center at 610-861-5365 or email

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