June 4, 2023

Theatre club’s Macbeth a ‘must-see’

NCC’s theater department is putting together its own unique spin on Shakespeare’s tragic tale of “Macbeth” for its spring production.

“A tale of lust, greed, and revenge, ‘Macbeth’ is a must-see show,” says NCC theater director William Mutimer. “It will top past shows. It’s very exciting. It’s not traditional either; (this version) is set in a post- apocalyptic era instead.”

Countering the belief among some that Shakespeare can be hard to understand, Mutimer and his cast hope to present a more approachable version of the play that will be easy to follow.

“The audience of ‘Macbeth’ can expect to be submerged into a world of passion,” says Torez Mosley, who is cast as Lady Macbeth. “It’s fast and it’s deep. We will definitely keep everyone on the edge of their seats.”

Leading man Daniel Melo is excited for his role as Macbeth. “Macbeth will be by far one of the most difficult roles I have done, in my mind, and I believe I can succeed in the role,” he says.

This is Melo’s second time in an NCC theater production, and his first leading role.

“I find the character of Macbeth is similar to my own personality, yet he can be very different from me as well,” Melo said. “I think Macbeth is going to be an interesting role for me to play.”

Mosley is similarly passionate about her up own role. “I’ve really been focusing on Lady Macbeth’s dual strength and vulnerability,” she says. “She’s a strong, grounded and sensual woman, but at the same time she’s human. Her weaknesses can get the best of her at times.”

Mutimer hopes that theatergoers will pick up on an important message.

“I’m hoping that (the audience) perceives that we haven’t changed much in modern society,” he says. “Revenge, lust, and greed are common themes even today.”

Macbeth will be presented in Kopecek Hall’s Lipkin Theatre from April 10 to 13. Tickets can be obtained through the contribution of either a canned good for a local food bank or a small donation.


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