June 4, 2023

There’s a new security chief in town: NCC welcomes Keith Morris

Keith Morris was named our new chief of security in the beginning of March and has 20 plus years in law enforcement to his resume.

Morris has served Allentown police department from 1997 to 2017 where he worked his way up the ranks from daily patrols to Vice. He was committed to community and youth services he said when he was with Allentown police department. Morris then served as chief of police for 18 months for Allentown Police department.

Morris talked about the big transition we are beginning to see when on campus by having armed guards.  “When we do it do it right,” Morris said when it comes to the transition of armed guards.

NCC was looking for a new Chief of Security with law enforcement background to help with the transition of armed guards Marvin Gruber Assistant Director of facilities and former chief of security who will stay on at NCC with a different title next year.

Morris who not only has a deep law enforcement background but also has a well esteemed background with law enforcement on college campuses. Morris served as chief of police and public safety at Penn State university.

Morris was hired there in 2017 and resigned February 28th to spend more time with his family and to come back home to the Lehigh Valley Morris said.

Morris was in charge of all Penn state campuses and said one of the biggest challenges at Penn state was football games with 100 thousand plus fans and making it the safest is could possibility be.

Morris talked about how excited he is to be here and is ready to hit the ground running.

Some of the future plans Morris has for campus safety is doing more drills for active shooter situations.  

Morris talked about talked about making sure his guards are trained properly for any situation and will make sure to have good communicating with the students and faculty through the process of armed guard.

Morris said he has now seen all of NCC campuses and is becoming more familiar every day.

Morris has done meet and greets with students and staff at both main campus and Monroe.

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