June 3, 2023

(Video) Allentown Police Department release full footage of St. Luke’s incident

Allentown Police Department press release:

The Allentown Police Department continues to swiftly investigate the event of July 11, 2020 outside the Sacred Heart Campus in the 400 block of W. Chew Street. Pursuant to the investigation, witnesses are being interviewed and evidence is being collected.

Attached to this updated press release is a video of the event captured from a vantage point from across the street from the incident. The video is approximately 9 minutes in length. During the first 4 minutes of the video an individual is observed to enter the frame who appears to be suffering from a medical, mental health or drug and alcohol crisis. The individual appears to vomit multiple times, he is also observed to drop his cell phone and he appears to have trouble walking and standing. Two Allentown Police Officers who were at the hospital on an unrelated matter are observed communicating and interacting with the distressed person in an effort to direct him towards the emergency room entrance.

The Middle portion of the video depicts a physical interaction between the individual, police and hospital staff. Approximately 23 seconds of middle portion of the video is reflected in what has been observed on social media. During the physical interaction, a breathable spit mask is placed over the head of the individual. The mask is used to protect hospital staff, officers and others from coming into contact with bodily fluids such as vomit and saliva The final portion of the video depicts hospital staff and police escorting the individual into the hospital. The individual received treatment and was later released.

The investigation is ongoing and additional information will be forthcoming. The Lehigh County District Attorney continues to investigate the matter and will release a statement when his review is complete, which is not anticipated until late this week.

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