June 3, 2023

Voting Information 2018

November 6th is the day of the United States midterm elections. At stake are the seats in the House of Representatives and 33 of the seats in the US Senate. Currently, Republicans hold both the house and the Senate. An additional 6,665 state-level positions are up for grabs as well. These are the candidates up for election in Pennsylvania.


Louis Barletta (R): Current senate member. Pro-Life. For cutting funding to sanctuary cities, introduced legislation making overstaying a visa federal offense. For common sense gun laws.

Bob Casey (D): Current senate member. Pro-Life (has voted in favor of pro-choice legislation in the past). Supports renegotiation of NAFTA. Supports expanding Medicaid. Supports funding for sanctuary cities.

Neal Gale (G): Running for seat. Pro-Choice. Against privatization of prisons. Legalization of recreational marijuana. Supports a pathway to citizenship. Tougher gun laws.

Dale Kerns (L): Running for seat. Pro-Life (wants the decision at state level). Abolish the Department of Education. Opposes any restriction on the Second Amendment. Promotes health-saving accounts.

House of Representatives:

Martin Nothstein (R): Pro-Life. Opposes regulations set forth by the EPA. Wants to keep Department of Education out of local schools. Stronger military spending. Supports term limits. Opposes any objection to the Second Amendment. Supports dropping Affordable Care Act.

Susan Wild (D): Pro-Choice. Supports LGBQT rights. Opposes private prisons. Legalization of recreational Marijuana. Rejoin the Paris Accord / Pass the FRAC act. Supports eliminating Super PACs. For common sense gun law. Supports universal health-care. Supports a pathway to citizenship. Opposes “Right to Work” laws.

Tim Silfies (L): Pro-Choice. Opposes the Federal Reserve. Opposes American “nation-building.” Supports term limits. Opposes any objection to the Second Amendment. Supports reducing welfare state as a deterrent for illegal immigration.

Pennsylvania Governor:

Tom Wolf (D): Current governor. Pro-Choice. Opposes federal cuts that would affect state-level healthcare. Passed legislation for medicinal marijuana, hesitant on recreational. Supports increased funding for education and teacher salaries. Plans to invest $2 billion in infrastructure over the next ten years. Supports a $12 an hour minimum wage increase.

Scott Wagner (R): Pro-Life. Opposes restrictions on the Second Amendment. Supports stronger border security and the ban of sanctuary cities. Supports abolishing property taxes on residential homes as a revenue for education. Opposes recreational marijuana. Supports deregulation of the free market.

Kenneth Krawchuk (L): Supports Pre-natal adoption. Supports LGBTQ rights. Opposes parole for violent offenders. Supports decriminalization of drugs. Supports eliminating government-controlled utilities. Supports privately controlled schools. Opposes any objection to the Second Amendment. Supports leaving immigration matters to federal level. Supports privatizing public transportation.

Paul Glover (G): Pro-Choice. Supports LGBTQ rights. Supports legalization of recreational marijuana. Supports aggressively expanding spending on renewable energy. Supports campaign finance reform. Supports common sense gun legislation. Support progressive income tax.

Pennsylvania State Senate:

Northampton County:

Lisa Boscola (D): Running unopposed

Monroe County:

Tarah Probst (D)

Mario Scavello (R)

Adam Reinhardt (L)

Lehigh County:

Patrick Browne (R)

Mark Pinsley (D)

Pennsylvania State House of Representatives:

Northampton and Lehigh County are running unopposed.

Monroe County:

Maureen Madden (D)

David Parker (R)

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