February 8, 2023

Wedding Etiquette 101

I recently attended my friend’s wedding and stayed with the wedding party at the house where the ceremony took place. It was a lovely time and the following article is dedicated to all of the people I encountered and things I have witnessed when I was there. Thank you for letting me use you as inspiration.

  • DO make sure you have bug spray if it is an outdoor wedding so you don’t walk away looking like you have chickenpox.
  • DO make friends with the venue owner, make them your best friend because they own the place.
  • Do make sure that when cooking your own food (for the wedding), you check it before serving, just to make sure nothing spoiled.
  • DO NOT try and flirt with someone without checking to see if they have a significant other beforehand.
  • DO try and talk to as many people as possible. There are always interesting people at weddings.
  • DO NOT mix your alcohols. Stick with one unless you plan on running to the bathroom to empty the contents of your stomach.
  • DO take into account the weather, time, etc. when picking something to wear.
  • DO NOT get blithering drunk and wind up passing out on the front lawn. It really isn’t a good look.
  • DO give a card or a gift to the newlyweds. It is not a good thing to show up empty handed. It’s just kind of rude.
  • DO be mindful of the mess you make. People do have to clean up, so be nice and clean up after yourself.
  • DO NOT assume that you will be able to get out of small talk with past friends or colleagues that are also attending the wedding. It’s going to happen. No doubt about it.
  • DO stay hydrated and eat food so you do not pass out from fatigue or the excitement of the wedding.
  • DO NOT forget that this day is not about you, because unless you are the bride or groom, you are simply a guest that was invited to be a part of some of the couple’s happiest moments.
  • DO enjoy yourself and have fun.
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