December 6, 2022

What’s new with Student Senate

by Christopher Shosted and Kristen Cervenak

The Student Senate met on March 28 to determine funding for several NCC clubs and events.

One proposal the senators heard was for a Mini-Thon – a charity event where students stand and dance for 12 hours for the Four Diamonds fund.

The Four Diamonds’ mission is to raise money to help with research on pediatric cancer and cover 100% of the medical expenses to qualifying children who are not covered by insurance.

Several high schools in the area have held Mini-Thons in the 2015-2016 school year. These include Northampton High School and Bethlehem Catholic High School.

Although the plans for the mini-thon to take place next year, student organizations will have to bond together to support the event and bring it to fruition.

After a vote, the senate agreed to support the future Mini-Thon and bring it up to future student senators which became the next topic of conversation.

With Student Senate officer elections coming up, five positions will be available. These positions include: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and social media.

The deadline for application fell on April 7.

Following the discussion, the Film Club proposed a screening of the movie “Split” in Lipkin Theatre. The horror-thriller, by M. Night Shyamalan, is about a man with 23 personalities who kidnaps three teenage girls.

Despite the club being brand-new club after a four-year reactivation period, they had already raised half of the necessary funds to pay for the $500 worth of royalties to screen the movie.

The Student Senate agreed to give $150 of the $250 requested.

Student Senators also discussed whether to support an increase in the amount of security at all three NCC campuses. The type of security enhancement will be determined at an emergency meeting on April 6.

The options being discussed include increasing the types of equipment in the form of Tasers and/or firearms with appropriate training or increased staffing.

The Student Senate can petition the Board of Directors as representatives of the student body, but the final decision in this matter lies with the board.

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